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In 1998 we started rearing the bumble bee species B. vosnesenskii. They are native to the west coast found in California, Oregon and Washington. Used for pollination in greenhouses on raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, peaches, plums and cherries. They have been used for pollinating out doors on alfalfa, cranberries, cabbage, blueberries and red clover. For more information on local species see the Bumble bee page 


We offer two different size hives of B.vosnesenskii                                                                                                                          

a class C hive with 60+ workers and brood.  $65.00 per hive

a class B hive with 100+ workers and brood.  $110.00 per hive

Prices quoted are for hives picked up in Olympia, Wa. 

It takes 8-12 weeks to raise a hive for sale.

When placing an order please give your best estimate of the date you will need them and what they will be pollinating.

To place an order or request more imformation contact us or call 360-866-1834


Bumble bee nest boxes for sale

These nest boxes are made from cedar boards (see the two examples above)
They are pre-assembled with nesting material (cotton) placed inside and ready for placing outdoors for Bumble bees to use.
Placed out in the spring (March-May) when Bumble bee queens emerge from hibernation and look for nesting sites.
In the wild this nesting site would be an old mouse nest, bird nest in a bird house or some dry material they
can use for insulating their nest. Some species will nest off the ground in a soffit or birdhouse while other
species stay down under or near the ground.

Often here in the Northwest with our moist conditions a dry place can be difficult for them to find.
These nest boxes make a perfect place for queens to start a nest in.
We have placed these nest boxes out and have had over 50% of them have queens initiate a nest in them!
Most of the nests were of the species B. Mixtus. We also found several B. melanopygus nesting in them. 
Both of these species we have found often nesting in bird houses.
We have also found B. vosnesenskii, B. nevedensis, B sitkensis and B. californicus nesting in our Bumble bee nest box.

The nest boxes come with a wire hanger for hanging in a tree or on a fence for aerial nesters ( B. mixtus, B. melonapygus
and B. sitkensis)
The nest box can also be placed on the ground or just under the surface with the entrance exposed for ground nesters to use.

1 Bumble bee nest box is $20.00 plus shipping (UPS ground from 98502) shipping wieght 5 lbs

To order your Bumble bee nesting box(es) please contact us or call 360-866-1834